Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Been a long time, here are some sketches.

Haven't updated in a while. Usual excuses of too busy with school and whatnot. Some pages from the current sketchbook, will finish it up soon. Now with sketching,  I've more or less found a process that works for me to draw my ideas relatively quickly and convey them well (more on that in a bit) so what I can really focus on is coming up with original ideas (except for Yoda).

As far as ideation goes, for me its about finding a mass of resources to get ideas from, either from other art or just from things I see in my day-to-day life, and then quickly filling up page after page with enough lines so that I can remember what the idea for a drawing was in order to go back later and render it out. The drawings all look a little "fuzzy" on the edges as I tend to throw down a lot of lines exploring different shapes and such before fully committing to darker lines.

 Some great advice I got from my friend Carlton Tomlin ( is to leave some edges lighter, keeping in mind that solid outlines all around will flatten an image, and to always think of forms as three dimensional and to picture my marks "wrapping" the forms. Granted, I only implemented this in the final two pages of this post, but its an excellent approach to keep in mind when drawing.